Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where are the kids?

I try to post during naps or at night but today they were watching a movie. I went out to check on them and they had gotten my sheet and pillows off my bed. They are in a suitcase I had gotten out to let a friend borrow.

Disneyland- Tuesday

Tuesday we decided to go again and see if we could get snowed on, no luck but we had a GREAT time!!! We left as soon as Mac got home from work and met our friend and her kids there. (We missed her husband- maybe next time) They have older kids who did great with Macknezee. She was in heaven and not leaving their sides, especially the 2nd oldest who has the same name as her. Anything she did Mackenzee wanted to do to. (Like put your jacket on. No. McKenzie has hers on. Okay I will too then.) We were also able to swap strollers so I could go on some big rides. We went on Matterhorn (I actually got to ride with Mac). Space Mountain (my favorite ride EVER) I rode with Mackenzee. My arm about fell off she was squeezing so tightly. She didnt care for it much, said it was too fast. Parker is also big enough for the Gadget coaster in Toon Town. Parker also wanted a picture with Minnie Mouse.

Of course we had to go on Buzz. Mac and I both got our highest scores ever. Mac was even one handed because he had Eliza.

We went to Its A Small World and I passed someone who looked very familiar. I asked Alli if she knew who it was. We both realized at the same time it was Morgan Freeman. He was trying very hard to be inconspicuous with a hood on and kind of looking down. Then we got off the ride just in time for the lights all to come on.

We really had so much fun. It is nice to have friends you can do stuff with.

I know I am going to have to watch out for Mackenzee when she is older. She convinced both of our friends boys to carry her. They are only 6 years older and she had them all doing whatever she wanted. She even got them all to go on Snow White and they HATE Snow White.

When I figure out how to get the Pictures off my phone I will post them (we forgot our camera).

Disneyland- Friday

We went to Disneyland on Friday night so we could see Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the "snow". It is beautiful. We also watched the Parade. It was the first time Parker realized Disneyland is where the characters live!!! Everyone he saw it was ... "MICKEY MOU"... "BU YIGH ER" (buzz light year)... "MAMA" (soft "a" santa). Then we went on the Buzz right and I thought he was going to loose it. This is him staring at the Buzz giving directions to the "space rangers"

Mind you we have been several times before but it just clicked this time. We also got to watch the fireworks and they were AMAZING. The bad thing is it was VERY crowded (dont go on a Friday night) and it didnt snow on us. It was cold so we had to bundle up.
Eliza supporting the U. Parade in the background.

We also missed Santa because we got there too late, we did see him Saturday night though at the Ward Christmas Party.

Where money comes from

The other day I asked Mackenzee what she wanted to get Parker for Christmas this was our conversation:

Me: What do you want to get Parker?
Mackenzee: A Green Jeep (the kind you get in and drive)
Me: That is too much money, we dont have that much money.
Mackenzee: Why dont we buy some more money?
Me: You cant buy money. The only way to get more money is when Daddy goes to work.
Mackenzee: Hmmm. Daddy you can go to work now.

We thought that was too cute. So today when I asked her again what she wanted to get Parker here was the conversation:

Me: What do you want to get Parker?
Mackenzee: A Green Jeep
Me: That is too much money, we dont have that much money.
Mackenzee: Daddy is already at work so we have money now.

Dont you just love kids!!! And dont you wish it was that easy!?!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Birthday

Since it was Sunday most of the morning was spent getting ready for church. Courtney the first one to shower announced that the hot water was almost gone. So it was waiting and then quick showers for the rest of us. Both my kids and I had hot water so that is all that mattered. I remembered that I was supposed to go buy shoes on Saturday for Sunday so my kids got to wear their tennis shoes. GREAT!!! If you have read my earlier post about shoes and Sundays you will know what I mean. It was really great since Mackenzee was wearing her Christmas dress and black tights. Oh well at least it was snowing so we could kind of pull it off.

When we got to church they announced they were glad to have us all visiting minus one (Mac). Parker fell asleep half was through the first hour until about 5 minutes before church was out.

After church we got a family picture minus Mac.

We had a stake/ chicken birthday dinner. Then ice cream cake dessert. That night we talked and hung out. Becky came over and it was great to see her. What a surprise it was for her to see Eliza at church. She would not let her go until Eliza wanted to eat. She held her for almost 2 hours. I had to get packed because my flight left at 7am Monday morning. We had to leave by 5:30am to catch the flight.

All the Woodward girls, notice Eliza does not look in any picture we have.
Here are some more pictures of the weekend.

Surprise, Surprise... Saturday

It was supposed to be a busy day but because of the bad weather everything got canceled. We started off the day with bday donuts because Courtney's bday is on Sunday.

Then it was off to play in the snow. Mackenzee got dolled up.

Courtney convinced her to go down the sled. They fell off when they hit the driveway so Macknezee would not go again until Daren went too.

They were out there for a while. It all ended with Mackenzee crying because she had snow burn from sliding on the snow. Then they came in had hot chocolate and we put up the Christmas decorations and Mackenzee got to play with the dress ups. She got her aunts to play Cinderella with her until Jake showed up surprising everyone again (except Brit and me).

When Parker woke up he went out for a few minutes in the snow too. Mackenzee made a snowman with a carrot nose and button eyes.
Of course we had to have Eliza go out because this is her first snow.
Parker was freezing but was having too much fun with Nana he didn't want to come in.

We had a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose in which Parker ran regardless if he was supposed to or not. It was quite funny. Parker also entertained everyone with his shooting and spitting while making the shooting sounds. Mackenzee said one time, "Parker STOP spitting at me"

That night we had Chineese food with Alicia and played games. It was great just to hang out with everyone. My kids loved playing with their aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Surprise, Surprise... the flight and arrival

This past weekend my sister, her husband, me and my kids all flew home to surprise my other sister for her 16th birthday. Yes I did say fly and yes I did it with all three kids by myself. The kids were actually really good and the Southwest Airlines flight attendants were very nice. I chose a flight we would not have to switch planes for. However, when we landed the first time there was an unexpected plane change. Knowing I was with 3 kids by myself they met us with an electric cart. We drove with the flight attendant and captain of the plane. When the flight attendant tried to take the pizza to help me carry something Parker freaked out. So she asked him if she could hold the baby (Eliza) and he said "YES". Glad his priorities are straight. She then showed Mackenzee she could wave to everyone like a Princess at Disneyland as we drove. When we got to the gate we were able to board with them so we were the first ones on the plane. She offered to hold Eliza during the flight so I could change Parkers diaper and was very helpful. The best part was when we landed. Over the speaker she said, "Goodbye Parker, Goodbye Mackenzee". Mackenzee looks at me and said, "Who is that?" After a few seconds we heard, "Santa Clause" Mackenzee's eyes were huge and she said, "AHHHH". The whole plane laughed. As we were walking up the ramp Mackenzee spotted Brit, my sister, and took off with Parker following her. She didnt realize you had to turn to get out. When she got the the glass she was very confused. Finally she backed up and walked out with us. Other then it being FREEZING (we had been in 85 degrees earlier in the week) it was a good day. My dad didnt know Brit was coming too so that was a nice surprise.

When we got home my dad took Eliza in and brought her to Courtney who had never seen her. It took her a minute to realize why my dad had a baby and who it was. Then my mom woke up and was so excited. After that the rest of us walked in. Courtney said is was a great bday surprise. We all chatted for a little bit then went to bed (with the exception of Mackenzee who talked off Britney's ear until 2am.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My "Wicked" Day

When you have three kids you need a BREAK!!! So in August I, along with Kristen and Karolin, bought our tickets to see Wicked the Musical. After much anticipation the date finally arrived. We left at about one for our day out. Our husbands had the kids (Mac had Eliza- I had pumped so they both would survive.)

We started out going to the mall. That in its self was fun because I had never driven in "the city". After going through an "interesting" part of town and being honked at enough times by crazy drivers we got to the mall. When we got off the elevator Karolin grabs my arm and says did you see that man? Of course Kristen and I were busy doing other things. It was SIDNEY PORTIER. Man we had missed him and Karolin was a little star struck. After shopping at H&M (and finding tons of cute things) we decided to explore the rest of the mall. As we are going down the escalator I jokingly said, "Look there is a tall black man wearing a Nike hat- he must must be a professional basketball player. Just kidding I just wanted to be like a tourist and generalize everyone" Kristen and Karolin look at the person in question and then each other. "He is" they both said at the same time. It was John Salley...former Piston and Laker, and currently a Fox Sportscaster! Kristen tried to get a picture of him while pretending to get it of us.

Next we headed over to another mall to get dinner. It was an outdoor mall that we LOVED and cant wait to go back. There was a large flatscreen television and recliners in the parking garage!!! While waiting for dinner we walked around. There are several great shops and stores. We didnt get to spend as much time there as we wanted because we had to get ready for the show. We ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory and loved not worrying about chasing kids and being able to enjoy our food. We even got dessert for ourselves and brought some home to the hubbys.

Next it was off to the parking lot to change... yes Kristen and I changed in the parking lot. As our motto was that night "What happens in the parking lot stays in the parking lot." Then it was off to the show.

It is AMAZING and I would love to go again. We sat in the balcony and had great seats. This was Karolin's third time and Kristen and my first. The show is not what I expected. The music was phenomenal!!! I loved it! We had the understudy, for Glenda, and I do have to say after watching YouTube segments I think she was better. I now want to read the book.

Mackenzee has been dying to see it but she has to be 5 and if it is still around I may actually take her. (side note: the night before Mackenzee would not go to bed after finally getting mad at her several times she looked at me, put her hands on her hips and said, "Mommy if you dont come snuggle with me you will not be allowed to go to Wicked tomorrow" I made her give me a hug because that was too cute)

We ended up getting home around 1am. We talked the whole way home and just had an overall really good day. It is great to be with friends!!! Twelve hours away from the kids and over too quickly. Mac did survive and he said the kids were really good. (Great maybe I can do this more often :)- right?)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Pictures

Our ward had a YW fundraiser for camp. They had a professional photographer take family pict. She was AMAZING!!! Parker is actually smiling... a rareity when it comes to a camera. And she captured Mackenzee in such a neat pose.
I will wait to show you the family one until you get the Christmas card... it will go out next week!!! Yes we are sending one out this year, shocking I know.

So let me share a little about the picture experience. I picked out the outfits for the girls over a month ago. My friend, Kristen, found Parkers cute suit and Mackenzee's shrug. Then yesterday I ran to JC Pennys and found a skirt that matched the girls dresses for me and a tie for Mac. I have been looking for a black velvet shrug for Eliza EVERYWHERE!!! When I went to LA last weekend that was the #1 thing to find and no luck. So I decided to just check at Pennys on my way out. And of course there was a dress with a black velvet shrug that was not attached. Needless to say it was a great shopping experience. What made it better was everything was 50% off.

Mac had to work and got out of a meeting and hour late. I got the kids ready and all he had to do was get on his suit. Of course he grabs his blue suit. I swore we bought him a black one for Switzerland when he presented his paper. He said we didnt and this was the one we got him. Finally I said fine lets just go. We get to church and notice his jacket is dirty from kids. It didnt matter because we had him take it off anyway. The best part was when we got home and he put his suit away he saw the one we bought and guess what .... it is BLACK!!! Regardless the pictures turned out. Thanks Alli you did an awesome job.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parker the Cook

Sunday my husband had to go to some meetings. Parker got all the pots out (which he does often) and started "cooking". I was talking on the phone to my sister and feeding Eliza in the other room but could hear him. Next thing I know is he is getting into the refrigerator... this is trouble. Out comes a carton of eggs. I told Macknezee to go see what he is doing. Eliza is almost asleep so I cant get up at the moment.

My sister is asking if I need to get off the phone. I told her it does not really matter because I cant do anything at that moment. Finally I get to a point where I can put Eliza down.

I go into the kitchen... The lunch meat, block of cheese, cheese grater, big sharp knife (still dont know how that got out), and the eggs. He had cracked two and I guess had decided to make an omelet. I was lucky it was only two.

Some days I wonder if I will survive Parker and the almost 2s. One day I know I will just crack up at all these things. Who knows maybe he will be a great cook like his dad!!!

Cute things kids say

"Head Forest" - Forehead

2 yr olds singing Pirates- "Yo Ho a pirates life for me..." (especially since he cant really talk)

"Dont do that or I will give you a slobbery kiss"

What does a camel say? "AHOHHHH" (I cant type it but it is really funny)

I love when my kids say something that makes me laugh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Give Me a BREAK

Two Sundays was a tough day. I had been husbandless. We lost Mackenzee's church shoes (she has two pairs and we had one of each) and were running late. Finally I told her she could wear her flip flops (it was that or tennis shoes). I explained to her we don't wear flip flops because we want to look nice for church. She wears flip flops every day so they are pretty nasty. Does she pick the orange ones to match her dress, NO of course not. She picks the pink leopard ones. I didn't want to fight with her. Here is the real kicker- as we are walking into church she turns around, looks at me and says, "Mom you have flip flops on too just like me". I was dying!!! I had put on my flip flops to move the car and forgot to change into my church shoes before leaving. And just like Mackenzee I had ones that were nasty dirty too not my black ones that hide everything.

The rest of church was uneventful (or at least that I can remember)

When we got home Parker went on a rampage. If I would have had time to write it all down I would have so I could remember it all. I think he started in his room emptying all of the tupperware bins that hold his toys. Next he moved to the closet with all the games. Keep in mind I had just cleaned up the games from the previous day. There were cards everywhere! Most of this happened while I was feeding Eliza so I could not stop him. I started cleaning up the mess and Parker went to my room got my Stampin Up! markers and decided to color on the wall and blinds. I hurried grabbed a wipe and started cleaning that up. Parker runs off and redumps the toys in his room. Next he took a yellow highlighter on the new tupperware we had just bought. All in all I think there was 3 times I picked up the cards and 2 the toys. By the last time I have had it. I am cleaning up the cards for the third time and Parker dumped my black embossing powder in the hall. I picked him up and put him in the top bunk and removed the ladder. Then I scooped up the powder (what I could salvage) and began switching the top shelf of towels with the game shelf. Parker then jumped off of the top bunk. (I had told him several time to stay up there so he would not get ouchies). He would not stand up on his legs so I feared they were broken. After some TLC he was fine, running around like a crazy person again.

I wish I had a picture of the craziness. All the kids went to bed early!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween. It actually started October 5. We went to Disneyland and Trick-Or-Treated there. This year the kids were Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Parker blends into the background.

Snow White's mother "the witch" came with an apple while Mackenzee was taking pictures with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

This was her response. Complete FEAR!!!

Then last Saturday was the ward Halloween party. Mackenzee, Parker and Eliza won "cutest costume" together.

On Halloween a local frozen yogurt shop gave away free yogurt to kids who came in with their costumes on. We went with some friends.

Mac had to work so we went over to a friends house for dinner and trick-or-treating. Parker didn't let go of his dagger the entire way and walked the whole time unless he saw a dog. On house had a ceramic dog and he had to be picked up. By the end he managed to say "thank you" and "trick or treat". Mackenzee and her friend who also went as Wendy both wanted to be first at each door. Next we went to Mac's work and went around to all the stations. It was the first time the nurses had seen Eliza since she was a patient.

Parker Make Up Artist

I was getting ready for a meeting a few weeks ago and Parker got into my make up and decided to paint Eliza's head with it. It was to close to the meeting to clean it up so Eliza had a stained head for a few days.