Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions of a failing mommy!

Don't fall off your chair because I am blogging! (and it is long- don't feel you have to read this all it is my "journal" account)

Monday night was another night of 1st for me. Mac was working (his 2nd night in a row) and we were doing pretty good. We survived 2 soccer practices at the same time 2 different locations all by ourselves. This was the first time Mac was not able to pick up one. Normally I leave Mackenzee and he picks her up. We came home and I had made dinner (request was pancakes- I obliged). Baths had been given to all three kids and we were getting ready for bed (before 8pm!!!).

My sister called and wanted me to do something so I let the kids play for a few more min. Then my aunt called and switched over. At about 8:20 the kids were being kind of crazy so I was ushering them up to bed while talking to my aunt. Mackenzee must have done something because Parker started to chase her. He tripped and fell running down the hallway and started crying. I said "Parker it's okay just hop up and come on." (Mind you I am still on the phone). He jumps up and then starts his high pitched blood curdling scream "I'm bloody, I'm bloody!" I turn back around from the stairs and yes there is blood everywhere.

By the 5 steps it takes to get to him he is screaming like crazy I usher him into the bathroom and over the toilet. I tell my aunt I can hear her anymore and will have to call her back.

***side note for those who don't know me very well... I don't do blood or any bodily fluids. Mac normally takes care of that stuff! Let's just say when my mom had her thyroid taken out and we visited her I passed out at the hospital and there was no blood visible! Okay back to the story***

I am starting to get a little nervous because the toilet is covered in blood, there is blood on the sink and floor. I think Parker has a bloody nose so I am trying to get it to stop by pinching the top part. It is not stopping and the blood keeps pouring out.

Now is when I fail the mommy being strong part. Mackenzee and Eliza are crying, I start crying and call Mac in near histarics. He cant really understand what is going on. I just keep saying there is blood everywhere and I need to call someone to come help, who should I call. He suggest the pediatrician and I say, "NO I need someone here..." I get an idea to call my neighbor her daughter answers the phone and I say "Hi Melissa" she answers "No this is (and says her name but I hear another name a friend that is a nurse). I was relieved I say, "Great Lisa!" She says no this is and says her name again. I finally realize who it is and say, "Can I please talk to your mom!" Melissa gets on the phone and I tell her I need her help there is blood everywhere. She says she will be right over.

Now I am back to finding something to stop the bleeding. And I am still failing as a mommy! All of a sudden Parker starts repetitively yelling "Mommy just get me a cold towel!" Duh!!! (Later I find out that Mackenzee has been saying several prayers on behalf of her brother and I have no doubt in my mind because of those prayers Parker was instructed to tell me what to do. I am so grateful for her faith and the ability to listen when I was obviously not able to do so!) I got him a cold towel and then started cleaning up the blood. Melissa walked in and was AMAZING!!! She went to Parker and she figured out he had sliced from his nose to his lip, we still are not sure how exactly.

In the midst of all of this I am talking to Mac trying to figure out what we should do. I am also trying to get a hold of Lisa, the nurse to check him out.

***another side note... when you are married to a doctor they take care of the medical stuff***

Finally Mac said to take him to the local ER. Uhhh.... I don't even know where the hospital is! Melissa informed me it was less than a mile away (I still need to check out where). I didn't feel great about it considering my lack of control. I told Mac to check out his ER. We decided I should bring him there so Mac could give me his opinion too.

I get the girls in bed. Melissa runs home to get ready for the night and send her daughter so I can leave when we are ready. Lisa gets our messages and comes over and agrees we should take him down to the ER. We get Parker ready and are out of the door around 9:30. He says he is just tired and I tell him to take a nap.

We arrive and meet Mac (thankfully it was a slow night so he could help out). No waiting in waiting room (one of the few perks of working at the hospital). They take his vitals and take us back. There is no rooms open yet so we sit in the hall. Man there are some crazies in this world, dont believe me just go hang out at your local ER :). After waiting for a while Mac goes and grabs one of the doctors and has them give their opinion if it should be stitched or can we just glue it. We find out it has crossed the lip line and therefore it must be stitched. Good thing he ate a little before 7 because they are going to have to sedate him.

They put some numbing cream on his arm. Parker is dosing off and on because it is WAY past his 7:30 bed time now and it has been a very emotionally draining evening not to mention physically too (soccer practice in the HEAT earlier). We are taken back to a room and they go to give him the IV he starts crying and it takes 3 doctors + Mac to hold him down and get it in his arm. Med student, attending, anesthesiologist and Mac. Success!

Now Parker is crying because he wants the "straw" out of his arm and wants to go home! I finally calm him down and Mac starts asking if he can put on stickers (heart monitors). The ER dr says they will just start the med and put everything on him at that sec. They do and everyone is helping get him ready. Parker is crying because they have hooked something to the straw. Mac tells him it will be okay. All of a sudden Parker stops crying and is just staring at the ceiling. He is out. The Med Student starts to sew him up. Mac informs him that his PICU grade is starting right now, no pressure. (I am not sure if he knew Mac was joking.) Everything is going great 3 stitches. Parker starts to wake up right before the last stitch. They give him one more little dose of something to keep him out. Yeah all done now we just have to wait for him to wake up.

During all of this I am sitting at the end of his bed trying not to pass out. Mac had to ask for some juice and the volunteer brought it in thinking it was for the "patient". I had to say "Uhh that is for me, thanks." The guy next to us had fallen on a metal fence post and the firefighters had to use the jaws of life to cut the fence. Then this kid didn't take any pain med and they pulled the rest of the the fence out of his leg. I was listening to this and the "flushing" of the wound and heard the ringing in my ears and the light begin to fade. I told Mac I needed to sit down now! And that my friends is how I ended up at the end of the bed staring at the wall during the whole thing. in my defense this poor kids mom wouldn't even look at him unless his leg was covered up.

Now this has turned into a novel... if anyone is still with me I will make the rest short. Finally Parker began to come to. He had to open his eyes to be discharged. He did after much work from me, Mac and the attending. The attending went to get the papers so we could leave and the anesthesiologist came to take out the IV. At the exact moment of taking it out they wheeled a kid about 3yr old into the room. Parker let out his blood curdling scream and this kids eyes opened to the size of half dollars. Poor kid! Mac walked us to the car and we drove home.

Melissa was so kind to stay with the girls. She even washed my dishes. I am so grateful for her help it was a true blessing. I have had several people say I could have called them and I want you all to know I know that! I am so blessed to have so many great friends that I could call and I know you would be here in a min!

Update: Parker is doing great. He took 1 day off of school and soccer was canceled yesterday due to heat. Tonight he has gymnastics and is excited to show off his lip. Mackenzee who was very concerned for her brother has been very nice to him (although it is waring off). Parker told her thank you for her help and said "It doesn't even hurt anymore! And guess what? I got a straw in my arm just like you and Eliza did!!!"

Now my life is complete all three of my children have been sedated!

Sorry no pictures of the blood bath just the morning after...

Right before taking off the IV tape... almost as painful as the IV :)

This was today 2 1/2 days later

Playing with his best buddy!