Friday, May 23, 2008

The other side...

Parker was doing really good for a few weeks. I even took this picture of him because he was so cute and he had not been getting into things or destroying things. I kept thinking I need to blog how good he is. He would give me kisses and hugs for no reason and was very concerned about his sisters and that they got whatever he had. Mackenzee and Parker have been playing so well together lately. He found my boots and thinks they are the best thing to walk around the house in...

I started to think wait maybe we are over the craziness. My hair dryer had been on the way out, only working occasionally for short periods of time (like 2 min) , and Mac said that would be one of my Mother's Day gifts. Parker thought he would help "fix" it...
Those are eyeshadow applicators. Yes about 20 of them. I did manage to get them all out with tweezers, I realized halfway through I should take a picture.

The next day Parker wanted chocolate milk, I told him no and this is what I found.

Then there was the three days straight of Cheerios EVERYWHERE. Mackenzee thought it would be a great idea to show Parker how to reach the cereal so he could get it down and she could say "Parker did it". How thoughtful. I had to change the vacuum bag two times because it was full of cheerios.
He also recently got out an entire bag of shredded cheese and put it in his hat. Then he decided it was getting his hat dirty so he dumped it in the sink and proceeded to "wash" his hat. Oh yes the joys of a two year old active boy. I really can wait until I have a backyard with grass I can tell him to go outside and play in.

I have decided my next house needs a lock into the kitchen and that may help. But overall Parker has been better. And when he is not destroying things he is very sweet!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Time

A great blessing to living where we do is the opportunity we have had to live so close to my grandparents. About a month ago my aunt, uncle and cousin were visiting. They came only a few days after my other cousin and her family. We went up to visit and had a great time. Parker and Owen (my cousin) are only a few months apart but man what a difference. It took Parker a while to warm up- he didnt get a long enough nap on the way up there. When they did finally play together it was cute. I cant wait to see how they are at the reunion!!! Here are a few pictures.

Owen is sitting at the front of the couch, no my kids are not that small :)
Owen is a little bigger then Parker though.

My aunt and cousin with Parker and I. Of course Parker was showing his best side.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mom's Tea Party and Fashion Show

For Mother's Day Mackenzee's preschool had a Tea Party/Fashion Show. The told us the children could wear WHATEVER they wanted and we were not to help them out. Mackenzee naturally wanted to be a Princess. Seeing how her Jasmine costume was hidden due to her not putting it away guess what she decided to wear. Yes you got it, she is one smart girl. If I can figure out how to get a video from my video camera to the computer I will post her walking across the stage. Most of the kids were dressed up it was pretty cute.

This picture is with the dean of the college, the dean of the college of education and the director of our preschool program.

Mackenzee walking in the fashion show.

Mason, Emily, Mackenzee, Riley and Madison

This is the kids with the teachers, Mrs Heather, Mrs Christina (the main teacher) and Mrs. Valerie. I love this preschool and all of the teachers!

After the fashion show we went in for the tea party. They had egg sandwiches, PB& J sandwiches, cookies and juice. It was tasty. The kids all loved the cookies at 9am, I have to say I did too!!! It was really nice they had even put our flowers on the tables and a big sign that read "Happy Mother's Day" on it.

We made mommy and me hand prints. The kids liked seeing their mommy's get dirty hands. Around 9:30 the power went out and they canceled the rest of preschool so Mackenzee got to come home with me!

I'm Back

My last two weeks have been crazy! Two Saturday's ago I had a Muffins with Mommy Primary activity day and two baby showers, I was attending one and the other I was helping with. Plus Mac was just finishing up his last CRAZY week of Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun (36+ hr shifts).

The primary activity day was so fun. The kids brought us muffins and massaged our hands (I was watching Rylie. Rylie and Mackenzee both used WAY too much lotion and my friends Amy, Star and Karolin were dying laughing) We also played a few games like guess which feet were our children's and then they guessed which ones were ours. Karolin made a bet she would be the first one to be guessed (helps when you are 10x darker then everyone else!!!) It was a really fun morning. The children also gave us a flower.

I ran to the first and stayed awhile then ran to help with the last min stuff on the other. It was for my friend Karolin, the one I went to Wicked with, she is having a boy. It was so cute we had a chocolate fountain and other great stuff to eat. We played a few games and then she opened presents. I love doing stuff like this and was so glad I was able to help. If I can find pictures I will post them.

The following Thursday Karolin went into the hospital with high blood pressure problems (she was having the baby on June 3). They ended up taking the baby that night. Luckily her mom was able to come in and was there (in the waiting room) when the baby, Jaden arrived. He is sooo cute with lots of dark hair! After both Jaden and Karolin went to ICU. Jaden got strong enough relatively quickly considering how early he was. Karolin continued to have complications on top of complications. After some scary things on Saturday several people from church decided to fast for her and within a hour we got a call saying she was not out of the woods but doing better. Since then she has been improving and is finally out of ICU. She looks great (from the pictures I have seen) and has finally seen Jaden (the hospitals Mother's Day gift to her). Her other two children have also been able to see her. Thank you to all who prayed and fasted in her behalf. I know our prayers were answered. It is such a blessing to see the Lords hand in our lives. As my other friend, Kristen, put it this experience has make me appreciate the opportunity to be a mother. It has also reminded me again of how precious life is (this happen 11 months after we almost lost Eliza).

So why else has my life been crazy? On top of getting ready to move (we made an offer on a house but didnt get it) I have another friend on bedrest (in and out of the hospital). Another friend has been going through several family trials, my "assistant" secretary (the person replacing me at church) had her baby 3 weeks early- both her and baby are home and doing great and Kristen's daughter broke her arm on Thursday. I really feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve. I love keeping busy and my friends hand all made sure of that! :) It is almost like a crash course on service before I move. I think what I am most grateful for is my friends have allowed me to serve. It can be humbling at times to ask or be willing to accept help. I am a little nervous on what the Lord is preparing me for.

Over the next few days I will hopefully post more about my family, mother's day and life here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Twilight- The movie

For all my fellow Twilight fans I thought I would pass this along (I really thought I would see it on Kristen's or Kenzie's first...)

Movie Trailer

The trailer actually looks better then I thought it would. It is the second post down on the site. And if you have not read the books they are GREAT!!! Although they are about Vampires there is much more to them... I don't do the Vampire thing but there is not the blood and gore normally associated with Vampires. Enjoy...