Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today Mackenzee, Parker and Mac down to swim at the neighbors house. I was feeding Eliza and putting her down for a nap. While she was eating I decided to get the dishes done. I looked over and this is what I found.
I love when babies fall asleep eating they are so cute. I was able to transfer her into her bed without waking her up.

More Cousin Fun

Mac's sister-in-law and her children were driving through so we met up with them at the Pro Bass Shop. I remember going to one when I was little with my family and they had these HUGE fish tanks. So I was a little disappointed at the one by our house but the kids still had a fun time. The most important things is they got to play with their cousins and a perk for the adults it was FREE!

They checked out the big fish and loved all the stuffed animals (the real kind not the toy kind). We went upstairs to the camping section and you would have thought it was Christmas. All three were running around trying out the tents and sleeping bags. Too cute. Here is Paige and Mackenzee in the kid tent and sleeping bags. Paige crawled right in (she was very careful to take her shoes off) and Mackenzee followed quickly after.

Here they are inside a big tent with multiple rooms. You cant really see Parker but he is down there making himself at home.
After looking at the fish, we went outside and had a very windy picnic. It was great to visit.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jessica Simpson Moment

We were at our friends for a BBQ yesterday and I had a moment. We were talking about Sonic (my favorite fast food place EVER) and how there are none close by. I was saying how I love the Cheddar Bites but they only have them in the Mid-West. They thought I was talking about Pepper Bites (not the same) so I started to explain what they were.

This what I said, "They are like Motzerella Sticks but smaller and they have American or Swiss cheese in them. Or maybe it is another type of cheese. Mac what kind of cheese is it?"

Mac is staring at me with his mouth wide open (the are we really having this conversation look). He responds, "Cheddar?!?"

Wow! everyone was laughing I thought maybe this is how Jessica Simpson feels when she makes really dumb comments about buffalo wings or "Chicken of the Sea". Seriously though you know you have had those moments too.


For those that know me, and if you are reading this blog then you do (or should), know I love to have parties. I saw a recipe in November for Aquarium Cups and decided we would do a "Fishy" theme for Eliza's 1st birthday. With all the craziness lately it almost didn't happen. Here is what we did...

Food: Goldfish crackers, Swedish Fish, Nella Wafers and Nemo fruit Snacks (in addition to the fish cups- blue jello with gummy fish in them) I just realized I never got a picture of the jello!!!
Eliza's personal cake.

Everyone else's cake

The entertainment

The guests (Schmiedel's, White's, Maksimuk's, Johnson's and Jordan's) Mariah is the only other baby that was able to come. They loved the little pool and I dont think Mariah got out the entire time!!!

Happy Birthday to you... (the cake start to finish)

The end

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Eliza- late

We are so grateful for Eliza. I can not believe she is 1 years old. She has had a busy little short life. Here is a recap of the last year.

Born June 13, 2007-She had to stay in the hospital an extra day because we couldn't come up with a name we both agreed on.

1st visitor- Aunt Britney 2nd visitor- Uncle Daren June 30

1st ambulance- Stopped breathing- July 3 6am (we were packing up to take her to hospital). Dad did rescue breathing 2x. Admitted to daddy's work (PICU) and was later intubated. She was diagnosed with pertussis (whooping cough) and released 10 days later.

1st flight- Denver July 23, also first Stampin' Up! convention, meet cousins and Nancy/Craig

2nd flight- Sacramento August 3, family friend wedding

2nd attempt at Blessing- finally blessed September 16

1st trip to Disneyland- October 1 (with Enloe family)

1st Halloween Costume - Tinkerbell

1st Thanksgiving- Utah meet rest of cousins and family

1st trip to MO- December 6, surprise Aunt Courtney for 16 bday

January- sitting up, standing while holding onto things.

March- standing by self

April- go from sitting to standing by self
May- started walking, meet Great Grandparents (Woodwards) and family

June- swimming in pool, 1st day without mom & dad just babysitter for 12+ hours, walking everywhere (like a pro), turned 1 YEAR OLD and had a PARTY

Eliza we are so grateful you decided to live. We love you so much and know Heavenly Father has so much in store for you. Happy Birthday.

Fun in the Sun (and pool)

Since our time here is coming to an end we are trying to visit everyone and do everything before we leave. A few weekends ago we went to my aunts house to visit and go swimming. It was a blast! Mike was running to baseball all day but we did see him for a few minutes for dinner.

It was Eliza's first real time to go swimming. Last year we bought this little raft at the end of the season real cheap. It worked out great.
Here is Eliza chillin' with Jake and Lorena.

Mackenzee didn't want to get in and swim. We did get her in for a little bit. So much for the swim lessons the last two years. She did go under the water during Ring Around the Rosie.

Parker on the other hand was a little fish!!! He loved blowing bubbles and even went under the water a few times.

We BBQed the swam a little more. It was a GREAT day. It has been nice being so close to family. We have really enjoyed visiting Mike, Lorena and the boys. And of course we have loved the SWIMMING.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mackenzee's Preschool Graduation

All the children going to kindergarten next year participated in the graduation ceremony. Mac was supposed to be in Peru but plans changed at the last minute so he was able to come with us.
The morning started with MAJOR storms. In fact the teachers had to move all the chairs under the walkway for the graduation.

Mackenzee's good friends (and neighbors) Tayler and her mom, Amy also were able to come. Also another friend, Andrea, goes to the Preschool but didnt graduate this year.

It was so cute the "graduates" were in black caps and gowns. The teachers were telling me Mackenzee kept trying to take hers off before they marched out.

Emily, Mackenzee's friend was one of two picked to do the pledge of allegiance then everyone sang a few songs.

Afterwards each child came up to get their "diploma" and shake the directors hand. Very short but we loved it.

All the guest got cookies and juice afterwards- a favorite for the kids. We got a balloon and M&Ms for Mackenzee and Emily. They were done early and we were able to go out for "brunch" with Mackenzee.

Mackenzee is excited for kindergarten next year.

She has learned soooo much from Mrs Christina and the other teachers. I am very sad that Parker will not get to attend this school. I have loved the way they run things and all they get to do. Congratulations Mackenzee, only 13 more years to go until your high school graduations (I am sure there will be a few more in between)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Wow life has been so busy lately. So much has happened in the past month! A quick update, we put an offer on a house Memorial Day weekend. We still have not heard anything back yet. We were supposed to find out something today but still nothing. We will let everyone know when we do hear something.

Mac starts work in a few weeks. Fun, fun.

I will hopefully have a second to breath this weekend (although it is filling up quickly). I need to write about Father's Day, Eliza's 1st Bday, Mackenzee's graduation (even though it was a month before her last day of school), our very exciting trip to the pediatrician's office today and I am sure I am missing some more things.

Hope every one is doing good.