Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Wow how time flies... we have been married for 7 years today. In the past 7 years our family has grown by 3 and moved 2 soon to be 3 times, we have both gained a "little weight" but love each other more then we did 7 years ago. Like everyone we have our ups and downs but have never regretted marrying him. In fact I cant imagine not being with Mac and feel very blessed he is my husband.

I thought I would say a few things about Mac that I love. His spirituality... desire to do what is right... he always keeps things in perspective... his love for our children... when he takes all three kids out so I can have some quite time... his desire to do good things... his willingness to go along with my crazy ideas... his COOKING...the fact he loves Disneyland too... love of playing board games... willingness to change (like occasionally listen to country music, go to musicals- we are still working on the opera, and not watch sports on Sunday)... ability to be frugal... sincerity... willingness to serve no matter what or where he is asked.

Enjoy the look back over the past 7 years...
Wedding Day (Sy Snarr Photography)
Mac's Graduation from Med School

Easter 2007

Halloween 2004
Christmas 2007 (Alli Easley Photography)

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Saturday we made our birds nests and delivered them to our friends. Fun tradition we like to do. I even let Mackenzee help me make them (I am not patient in the kitchen).

Sunday Mackenzee was the first one up and she had breakfast before anyone else was up. We finally let her wake up Parker and Eliza.

When they came into the living room Parker immediately started grabbing the candy before he even looked at what the Easter Bunny brought him. (Mackenzee- CTR book; Parker- Ammon figurine; Eliza- Easter book)

Eliza even picked up a few pieces of candy and put them in her basket. However when she found the Milky Way she would not put it down.

After picking up all the candy and finding the golden eggs (Which Mackenzee and Parker both found. the rewards: CTR necklace and Capitan Moroni figurine) we got ready for church.

Mackenzee was all about posing for the pictures.
Parker on the other hand was running off...
No family picture this year. Mackenzee sang in Sacrament Meeting with the Primary. And she can even tell you what Easter is really about. After church we were able to get a few pictures of Parker and Eliza though.

We then went up to Grandma and Papa "Grapes" house for dinner. It was delicious and it was great to see everyone. It was the first time we had seen Jenn since she officially joined the family (they got married a few weeks before). We are excited to have her in the family.

St. Patrick's Day

This year is just crazy with St. Patrick's Day and Easter being in the same week. Sunday night Mac warned Mackenzee she must wear great on Monday or she will get pinched. Big mistake. I think she came out of bed 8 times making sure she could wear a green skirt and didn't need a green shirt too! It was kind of cute. The Lucky Leprechaun brought Mackenzee Pocahontas 2, Parker a book and Eliza a book. For dinner we had Green (homemade) Macaroni and Cheese with ham chunks, green salad, green watergate jello. Very fun! I tried to make Mackenzee green pancakes for breakfast but she said "No thanks mom I want raisin bran" What a strange child!!!

Spring Break

Mackenzee's spring break was a few weeks ago (she goes with the college). She was so excited to be able to sleep in. I think one day she almost made it to 10am!!!

Saturday we went out to dinner with "Aunt Nandini and Uncle Ted". We went to Olive Garden then went miniature golfing. It was interesting with Parker he kept wanting to hit the balls or pick them up it didnt matter whose it was. Mackenzee did pretty good on some it would take her longer then others. In the middle of the course there was a hole with one big hill the hole and another little hole so you had to hit it just right. Mackenzee got up and hit it and made a HOLE IN ONE!!! It was amazing she started screaming an jumping around. We were all shocked. We had so much fun with them.

Sunday we went to Granma and Papa "Grapes" house for dinner. It was Granma's birthday and we met Lorena and Mike up there and made dinner for her. They had gone just gotten back from Vegas for my cousins wedding. It is always so relaxing up there. We have really enjoyed being able to visit so often.

Monday and Tuesday we hung around the house cleaned while Mac worked. They did a great job entertaining themselves. They played with the Spider Man stickers they got from "Aunt Nandini and Uncle Ted". They couldn't figure out how to get the glasses to stay on so Mackenzee invented a solution.
After Mac's work on Wednesday we went to Disneyland and had a GREAT time!!! We first checked into our hotel and then headed to the park. It was a surprise for Mackenzee because she is always asking if we can stay in a hotel so she was pretty happy (plus they got to bring their little suitcases). We stayed at the park until 9:30pm and were able to watch the fireworks. They were AWESOME! We ate a great breakfast (with some craziness from Parker but what would a day be without Parker throwing a fit?) then it was off to the Park again. It was great weather and NO LINES. Mac and Parker literally walked on to Dumbo. It was also preview day for the new Live Playhouse Disney show and the Pixar Parade in California Adventure. The kids LOVED both.

We had great seats for the parade and several characters came up and interacted with Mackenzee. It is a water parade and they are constantly squirting you with water. I think it was a jellyfish from Nemo came up and held an umbrella over her so she wouldn't get wet and another was putting bubbles all over her. She loved it.

After the parade we headed over for dinner at Goofy's kitchen. It was not too busy so we got to see several characters several times. Aladdin sat with Mackenzee and asked her who her favorite Princess is she got this high sweet Princess voice and said "Jasmine" he said mine to and I think she fell in love right there. Then Bell came out and Mackenzee chatted with her for a little bit. They even did some dancing during one of the dances.
As we were walking out Mackenzee spotted Rafiki from the Lion King. We had NEVER seen him before and she wanted a picture until we got up close to him. I guess he totally freaked her out. We convinced her to stand with daddy. When Mac tried to put her in front of him she about lost it!!! We were able to get a half smile out of her though.

We then decided we should head back to the park for a little bit. We didn't leave until 10:30 again. One of Mac's highlights was breaking his record 300,000+ on the Buzz Lightyear ride. He made it to the next level and was totally stoked.

Friday we headed to Vegas for the Mountain West tournament and to see Mac's family. Mac didn't get to watch any games because no one had the right cable station (even the hotel) and he didn't get tickets. Mackenzee and Parker did get to play with their cousins (we brought Disney Princess dress ups) which was good because Mackenzee has been dying to play Disney Princess with her cousins and Parker was of course Peter Pan. Although we didn't get to see much of the family (Suzanne went home earlier then we thought and I think Adam turned into a basketball) we also got to see baby Hannah. She is so cute. Oh and McDonald's is doing Princess and Pirates Happy Meals so that was an added bonus.

Saturday morning after another great breakfast (you have to love Embassy Suites) Mackenzee went swimming in the pool at the hotel. (actually it was the hot tub but the pool grounds were amazing waterfall and all- one of the side we didn't get to see since we lived there) We also got to see one of our friends and her awesome new house!

Saturday night we headed back and just missed the snow in the pass! Crazy but it was pretty.

That was our spring break!!! We didn't go to Phoenix like I had wanted (maybe next year) but I am glad we were able to spend time together.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Photo Shoot

We have the most AMAZING photographer EVER!!! Anyway here is a few of the awesome shots from Parkers 2yr (really 25mo) and Eliza 6mo (really 8mo) shots and of course one of Mackenzee because she is so cute.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I just felt my first EARTHQUAKE!!! So cool (because it was not that strong). It was a 3.6 but that was in the mountains so I am sure it was not that here. We have lived here 3 years so I guess it is about time. I dont know if it I could handle a big one. Anyone else feel it? It was at 4:15 today.