Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out of the mouth of Mackenzee

We are visiting Mac's family and the kids are LOVING playing with their cousins. Today they were all upstairs playing and Mac's sister went to scare them and see what they were doing.

They were playing Hide and Seek, Mackenzee's favorite game.

Mackenzee said, "We are only playing upstairs"

Mac's sister jokingly said "Don't be everyones' boss"

Mackenzee's response, "Okay everyone just calm down"

Where does she get these things?

Friday, July 25, 2008


We still have not heard on the house and are looking at rentals now. I have been trying to get the house ready to semi move. We just got back from a week in MAINE very fun family reunion I will post more about that later. Now on to other travels (SLC and Kansas City) and then hopefully we can get Mackenzee registered to start kindergarten on Aug 11. We cant do that until we get an address though. That has been my life lately. Sorry for not posting as much as I should I will have a million things to post though after I get settled. Hope all of you in Blog land and those reading this are doing great!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye- Part 2

Now we are down to Mac's last week. Monday we went out with the Bloomfields.

We went to a Japanese restaurant (Shane went on his mission to Japan so Mac felt safe tasting the sushi). I do not give into peer pressure as easily so I did not partake.

The best part of the experience was when Shane jokingly said the orange exterior was sugar. Mac believed him. The look on Mac's face when he realized he had eaten fish eggs was priceless. It was great to relax and chat with friends. Too bad we wait until we are moving to do something like this. Thanks for a fun evening we will miss you guys sooo much.

Tuesday night was my visiting teaching companions baby shower (I made the cake- to be posted on a later post about the 4 cakes in a week). It was so much fun. I got to talk to several friends I had not had a chance to talk to in a while. Mac decided to make dinner with his buddy Parker B., the next up and coming chef. Now for those who do not know Mac loves to cook and loves to have kids help him (I am not the same way).

Parker really likes making calzones with Mac. It was also the College World Series so over to the Bloomfields Mac and the kids went (we don't have cable). Fresno state won, yeah- gotta love the underdogs. Kristen picked me up after her meeting and the baby shower. Parker and Mac made very tasty calzones and we finished up the night with guitar hero.
Notice the concentration on both of us (not the best picture but the only one- thanks Shane!)
I am not good. Part of the problem is I don't listen to music so I had not heard most of the songs and the rest are before my time. We all challenged each other, I lost every time. It was so much fun though.

Are you seeing a pattern of playing not working? Thursday we went to a BBQ at the Horspools. It was for Mac and Mike, who are both moving, and are the Horspools home teachers. When both home teachers move it makes you wonder... no really we love them and will miss them dearly. Even with two talented photags we didn't get any pictures. The kids had a blast all playing together outside while the adults got to relax and talk.

Friday was Mackenzee's last day of school (a separate post in itself). After we met the Horspools at the movie theater to see Wall-E.
Very cute movie although Parker and Eliza fell asleep in the end. We took some pictures with Wall-E after the movie. Parker was not happy to be woken up. Love the face.

After the movie we went swimming which was only supposed to be a few hours (it ended up being the rest of the day and night). We orders pizza and then got in the hot tub. Eliza loved laying on her back and floating in the hot tub. (The temp was not to high just like a normal bath. We didnt know how to heat it up earlier in the day so it was the same as the pool) I do have to say we needed a day to spend together as a family because even though it seems like we were playing a lot it had been a stressful week.

The had a slide and all the family went down (I think Parker did it 10-15 times, he is our fish)
Here is Mackenzee- one and only time

Mac and Parker I cant find the ones I took of them separate.

Me- why do I look like a crazy person? Parker pushed me at the top of the slide- I was not planning on going down. :)

Oh yes the little angel.

Amber and I
(you should feel special I put a picture of me in a bathing suit- MODBE bathing suit)

Mackenzee (bathing suit is MODBE) and Staci

Saturday was our serious work day until the kids were invited to go swimming. (no pictures) Mac went with them because I was in a groove of cleaning. He was able to say good bye to the other family he home teaches, the Schmiedel's. They moved in a few weeks after we did it has been nice having good friends so close. We will miss them (and I know the kids will miss Sammy and Tayler).

And that, my friends is how we say good-bye.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How do you say good-bye

The last few weeks have been very CRAZY. Still no word on our house so Mac, once again, had to move by himself. There was no big good-bye's but we did get to do a few things with friends. Warning this is long.

First, Mac and I went to Disneyland with Mike and Alli (with out the kids!!!). This was huge since we have not been without them since 2000 and we were not even engaged at that time! We had a blast NO STROLLERS! We did run into a few difficulties though- other then it being wicked hot. Indiana Jones shut down after we were in line for 30 min. We were able to go on a few rides though. Space Mountain, my favorite ride, Big Thunder, Teacups, and Matterhorn just to name a few. After the fireworks and a late night ride on the Jungle Cruise we headed to House of Blues for dinner. It was Guitar Hero night, I tried to get Mike and Alli to enter the contest but no luck- they would have done really well too. Thanks so much you guys we will miss you. (sorry no pictures of our awesome day)

Second way to say good-bye is a luncheon with girlfriends. Thanks to all of you who made this happen you are great and I will miss you. Thanks you Amber (the hostess with the cute dishes :) and great party planning ideas) for putting up with my protests you are so sweet. Of course we brought along a photag- Alli, so everything was well documented for the future.
The food (it was delicious! Sorry no pictures of the dessert- CHOCOLATE of course)
The table
The place settings the napkins were tied with bracelets that Amber made!


Me: "Mackenzee would you like some hot chocolate?"

Mackenzee: "Sure if you dont mind"

We both were cracking up after. Then she said "You want to tell daddy that dont you?" and she found my phone to call him.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cute New Outfits

Eliza got two cute dresses from her aunts for her birthday. Thank you!

Yes she loves sucking her thumb

I am not sure what this face is (cry/ smile) but Parker had just tackled her.

Dress two- she got a new tooth on Friday so we are very slobbery.

She will not keep a headband on more then 10 seconds.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

The day started off shaky but ended great. I was getting the kids dressed in their red, white and blue. I had the girls dressed and ready (even Mackenzee's hair) then went to get Parker dressed) that is where the fun began. I pulled out his plaid shorts that matched the girls dresses and he said, rather firmly, "No those Mackenzee's" I tried to explain they were his but he would not hear of it. Apparently he has become accustomed to solid cargo shorts. So I tried getting his plaid shirt on and he told me it was Eliza's. After a little more power struggle I finally got the shirt on (I guess it was the lesser of two evils). They looked pretty cute I think. This is the best picture I have of all three. It was right before Eliza's nap so she is NOT happy.

Parker and Mackenzee insisted on posing for the camera.

We headed up to my grandparents house and had a very relaxing time. Funny story: We got out of the car and Mackenzee saw a squirrel running out of the tree. Naturally it was running from her but she didn't care. She SCREAMED bloody murder which in turn scared Parker of the squirrels for the rest of the day. For those who know my kids know they are deathly scared of animals but even I think squirrels is taking it too far.

It was great to visit with family and have some adult conversations. :) We were able to go down to the lake and see my aunt and cousins. Parker and Mackenzee did jump in the waves for a little bit. JoJo the dog was there and that pretty much freaked out my kids.

After we got back we got ready for dinner. It was delicious, as usual.

Mackenzee along with coaxing from my cousins finally got the nerve to pet JoJo.
Parker loved playing with "Uncle" all day. He could not remember Russ's name so now he is just "Uncle" They went on golf cart rides and made dessert (homemade ice cream). Eliza even let people play with her- a little.

When the mosquitoes started biting we headed back home. They all went back to the lake for the fireworks. As we were pulling out of the driveway Parker started saying, very sadly, "I need a hug, I need a hug" I looked and him and said from who. "Grandma Grapes". I thought that was two sweet so I got him out of the car and we went back to the house to give Grandma Grapes a hug and a kiss. Then he gave one to Papa Grapes and we were able to get back in the car. My kids all fell asleep before I got to the highway. I made it back in time for our fireworks, and my kids stayed asleep the whole time!

We had a great holiday but we did miss daddy (he stayed in a hotel, went shopping and ate Panda Express)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Toy Story Mania Preview!!!

When they announced there would be a preview for the new Toy Story Midway Mania ride at California Adventure (the other park at Disneyland) I was so excited. I tried to get my parents to come out and go with us but it just didnt work out. Mac took the day off and we went with our Disney buddies the EasLeeees as Parker says it (with a little lisp). We started off the day at Disneyland. We rode Pirates (waiting in line for 25 min) not too bad but we are used to walking on the ride with no wait. By the time we got off the ride the line was backed up to 45 min. The park was insanely busy and it was very hot! We decided to leave and go to California Adventure park. Great choice.

Mac and I have never been on most of the rides on that side because our children are too small. This time we had people to swap with and it worked out great. Mac went with all the kids to the river raft ride (the Eas ley's and Mackenzee). Parker, Eliza, Harper, Alli and I waited in the play area. The boys loved the slides and kept going down them. When we met them after the ride Mackenzee was soaked but smiling. I think it helped that big McKenzie was with her (she is her favorite because her face is so pretty). Next we headed to Monsters then Tiffany and Alli took the "babies" to bugs life land. Here is Harper and Parker on one of the rides just chillin.
The rest of us went on the Tower of Terror. If you could have seen the look on Macknezee's face she could have been the poster for the "Terror". The photo taken on the ride for purchase was priceless. Both Mac and I are holding her hand (she is squeezing the life out of them) and I am holding her legs down to keep her from flying up to much. Then we are leaning in telling her it's okay, it's okay. Too funny, she did NOT like this ride. Next it was over to ride Screamin (the roller coaster) and the Merry-go-round.

After that TOY STORY!!!! Way cool ride. And the best part is we got to ride it a week BEFORE it opened for everyone else (we got to do this last year with Finding Nemo submarines too) this means VERY SHORT lines! The ride is 4-D and is like you are playing the old carnival games: ring toss, pop the balloon... It interacts with you, for instance when you pop a balloon that happens to be a water one you get sprayed however it is all computerized 3-D images. Parker and Harper both kept their glasses on the whole time. When it dies down this fall we will have to do it again.

The last ride we went on was Soarin over California. Again a first. Loved the ride didn't like the heights but it is also and illusion so you feel you are hang gliding the entire time. We were in the front so we were the highest. It was great until Jonah and McKenzie told me to look down. My stomach was like whooo.

It was a great trip and as always a blast to do it with Alli and the kids.