Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Computer Crash

My wonderful computer has crashed twice!!! Sorry for no updates. We hope my brother in law can fix it next week. As far as we know we have not lost any files or pictures (keeping my fingers crossed). Dont you just love technology.

We have been keeping really busy (I dont think life ever slows down). I do have Christmas cards to send out but the letter and addresses are all on the computer so they are still sitting in a pile. AHHHH!

Mackenzee is loving school and is doing great at READING. I love it! Parker is finally doing speech and is improving. Eliza is talking and just getting too big. She even pooped in the toliet last night! Big deal here.

I really wish I had some pictures I could share, like I said hopefully next week. We did make it down a few weeks ago to Disneyland and to visit my granparents. That was a ton of fun. We drove home the same day we went to Dland though and made for a VERY long night.

Last week my cousin and family came into town. It was great to see them. They have 3 boys and kept my kids entertained. My cousin's hubby did some electrical work for a few friends and wow he is good. No houses here have built in lights in convienent places. He totally redid our friends kitchen and it looks amazing! My cousin and I got to go to IKEA and that was fun. It was both of our first time going. I got some great stuff to organize the office with and put it up today. I took pictures though so I will post them when I get my computer back and download them from my camera.

I am leaving on Friday for SLC!!! Modbe's big SWIM release is this weekend. I cant wait. So all of you who need new swimsuits let me know. YEAH!