Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Night

Yesterday we went to my grandparents to see my cousin and her family. I brought my camera so we could get some pictures of Eliza and Alexis (they are 5 weeks apart). It was cute but of course I forgot to pull my camera out when they were playing so you will all just have to imagine an 11 and 10 month old playing. They would stand at the fireplace and look at each other like "I can let go for 6 seconds" "Well I can let go for 8..." No it was really cute and it was great to see Sumerae and James too.

We we left we got the kids in their PJs and came home. Parker and Mackenzee stayed asleep from the transfer from car to beds. Eliza woke up and hung out for a little bit then went to bed. The best part of the night was they all three slept in their own beds ALL NIGHT LONG. Mackenzee came in at 7 and the other two woke up at 8. Now mind you Eliza and Mackenzee normally sleep in their own beds but Parker wonders in at some point during the night. He crawls in our bed and we dont notice him until morning.

Ahhh the joys of getting a good nights rest (however I am still really tired).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Easy as 1, 2, 3



Standing by her self!!!

Eliza is growing up too fast!!! I cant believe she is almost 1. Here are a few pictures over the last few weeks.

Having a tea party with her bro and sister.

Riding the carousel at Disneyland.

Playing with a baby doll.

Getting into Mackenzee's pudding cut that she didn't throw away.

If you have ever seen Disney's Robin Hood you will get this picture. Eliza thinks she is Prince John.


Mackenzee: "Mom can we get a dog?"

Me: "Ahh NO, why?"

Mackenzee: "I want one to make my bed and clean up my toys"

She had just watched Peter Pan and wants a dog like NANA. If all dogs were like this I would consider it.

Week in the life of Parker

I need a backyard with grass so I can open the door and let Parker go outside. In the past few weeks he has destroyed the house. After calling Mac a few times venting what Parker had gotten into I decided to start taking pictures.

He decided to "make pancakes" in the living room

Lotion up the chair

Color on his body and Eliza's head (again)

Get out a brand new bag of Cheeto's and eat the entire thing with Mackenzee while she was in her white dress because she was using it as a "dress up"

"Wash" the tub with shampoo Mac hadn't put back up (he literally took a 1/2 bottle of shampoo and a scrub brush and started cleaning. Then he took a towel and wiped it all down).

He dumps entire water bottles out in the living room, car, Mackenzee's bed...

Friday Mac left for work and about 15 minutes I called him to inform him he needed to come home. Parker found acrylic paint and dumped it on the carpet. Mac was able to get it out with Blue Dawn dish soap.

So much fun. The problem is other then coloring on his sisters head and things other then paper he is really trying to help. He loves to put away his toys and "clean" with a rag. Then there are times when he is really cute like this...
What am I to do?

It is official...

No I am not pregnant :) We are moving to Sacramento. Mac has accepted a job up there. It is bitter sweet. We are ready to move on but will miss some of the people here and the familiarity of the area and of course Disneyland.

We also have really enjoyed being so close to family. The good thing is Papa and Dranma "Grapes" have promised to visit so we know we will get at least one visitor. It has been a blessing that my children have been able to get to know so many of the cousins that live here. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion in a few months!!!

Any suggestions for the area will be appreciated. We are going up in a week to check out houses.