Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 2

Mackenzee and Mac started basketball on Saturday. They played 4 games 5 min each as a kick off to the season. Mackenzee made at least 2 baskets so that was a GREAT start to the season. Between the kids finishing their chores (best move ever on my part- I am a much nicer mommy) and those games that took up most of the Saturday.

Sunday was church, nothing much else. Although I have to say it is so nice to hang out as a family and relax. And Eliza is doing better going to her class. They now bribe her with Starburst. Funny thing is once she is in she love it. Parker has absolutely no problems going and love his teachers and class.

Normal school Mon- Thurs. Parker didn't have school Friday. We did skip out on all gymnastics and swimming for the week. It is so nice some times just to hang out at home :)

Tuesday Mac did finish fixing his basketball standard. This prompted a week of playing outside (thank you nice weather).

Friday I had my build a bear creative card class. I do this class every 2nd Friday for the kids ages 6+. We had so much fun! I really enjoy teaching classes.

After my classes were done my SIL- Jana came for the long weekend.... YEA!!!! We love getting visitors. Seriously if you are ever in the area please stop by.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 1

What a busy week!

New Years Eve was soooo exciting! We (the kids and I- Mac had to work) watched the live Times Square ball drop (that would be at 9pm our time). We toasted the new year with Sparkling Cider and by 9:15 Parker and Eliza were out! Mackenzee decided she was not tired and wanted to watch a movie. We watched Camp Rock 2. It ended about 10 min before our official midnight so we watched a different stations ball drop. She is so fun. I love that she likes to stay up late with me. Definitely a mini me which is not always a good thing. :)

Sunday we started 11am church! All I can say is YEAH!!! Loved sleeping in. Eliza is officially a big girl as she started Primary (Sunbeams) I have no more babies!

Side note: I jokingly asked her what she would do if I ever had another baby. She was very quick to respond, "I would love her and rock her and put her to bed." I then said what if it was a baby boy? Her response, "A baby brother and a baby sister!" To this Parker melted down screaming "NOOOO just a baby brother that's not fair we have too many girls!" Well we don't have to worry because I am not pregnant nor do I have any plans to be in the near future.

Back to church. Mackenzee was in Sr. Primary and did great! I can not believe she will be 8 this year! Parker took the responsibility of big brother very seriously and didnt have a problem going to his class. He wanted to be an example to Eliza. Apparently Eliza didn't get the memo. She cried and they finally had to bring her to me. Finally Mac was able to grab her and they went to her class. I am hoping it gets better for her. UGH!

Monday we just hung out. Nothing too exciting. Although Mackenzee was able to go ice skating with one of her great friends, Olivia. After they went to Red Robin and Mackenzee was super excited! Mac and I took the opportunity to run to IKEA and get a storage unit we have been wanting to get for the office. We took Parker and Eliza and they LOVED it! They were bouncing off the walls. When we got in the car Parker said "That was the best store ever!" They loved seeing all the different room set ups and LOVED the toy sections. They even picked out a chair. Too bad it is $70!
Tuesday Parker turned the Big 5! Lucky for him the first day back to school was his birthday. He was so excited to bring treats to school. He brought (at his request) fruit snacks, cheese sticks and brownie cupcakes. The sweet thing is there is a boy in his class who is allergic to wheat. Parker went through everything asking if it had wheat and finally decided on these items (we bought a gluten free mix for the brownies). I was really impressed with how concerned he was for his friend. I love him so much! That night we opened presents and had his birthday dinner (HanGaBurs and a hot dog for Mackenzee because she doesn't like hamburgers).

The rest of the week flew by. Mac worked a TON as in left around 6 am and didnt get home until after 9pm! I babysat, fought to get homework done and cleaned the house. I did get to work out and Eliza had another melt down at Preschool. Again UGH! Thursday Parker started a new gymnastics class and LOVED it! Yea! Mackenzee started multiplication at school, so fun (said very sarcastic!)

We did start new chore chart this year. Each child has a room and then their bedroom and one small job. All need to be done by 11am Sat morning. Guess what they did it!!! I am so excited I am not the only one cleaning anymore :) They do not get an allowance just a sticker on their chart. If they get all the stickers on their chart they get to add one to their other sticker charts. When they get 20 stickers we get ice cream as a family (at $1 scoop night at Baskin Robbins).

Today Mackenzee starts basketball and Mac is her coach. I will write about that next week! Well I have already blogged more then I did last year :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Well I thought I would at least start the year out strong :)

2010 Highlights:
Aimee started hot yoga
Parker turns 4 and goes to Sunbeams (no more nursery at church)
Aimee goes to Phoenix for Stampin' Up! Leadership Convention
Mackenzee played her 1st season of Basketball (Mac assistant coach)

Cute quote from the kids: "Parker (4) and friend are trying to play Hide and Seek with Eliza (2). They want her to count to 50. She says "OK" and then goes 1..2..3.. Here I come! There response is that wasnt 50 if you dont do it right we will make you count to 100! I dont think they get she can only count to 13!"

Valentine's Day
Disneyland for a week (thank you teacher furlough week)
Aimee was introduced to cake balls (thanks Kristen)

Eliza started Gymnastics
St. Patricks Day- green cake balls for school
Got our Whole House fan and LOVE IT!
9th Anniversary!
Family trip to Phoenix: went to museums, Easter Pageant, Royals spring training, train park, flew kites and hung out with Brit, Jake, Jane, Ann and my cousins! Great Spring Break!
Eliza has a real playdate!

Cute Quote from Parker "I love you but I am just not going to listen to you!"

Had our lawn redone.
Mother's Day tea with Mackenzee... it was so fun... survey question she answered: My mom doesn't like: she wrote "my dad" (hmmmm....)
Aimee travel to KC for Courtney's graduation from High School (less then 36 hours)
Mac & Parker went on Father & Sons camp out. They were so excited to sleep in a tent and ... it poured and hailed so they had to come home :( may 2011 will be better
Started back making cakes

Cute Quote from Parker "Mommy our tent was swimming away!"

Great summer kick off (swimming, park, movies, playdates, ice cream, zoo)
Finished Parker's bedroom
Mackenzee turns into a mermaid at the pool
Parker 1st sports camp
Eliza turns 3!
Father's Day (Mac got a new grill and he has used it a TON)


Parker cut off Eliza's curls :(
Bring on the guests: Bloomfields (and Kristen's sister), Horspools and Samuelsons!
Swimming lessons
All 3 kids go to camp
Travel to Utah (got to hang out with Mac's family and Courtney joined them)
Buzz baseball game in SLC
Aimee at Stampin' Up Convention
1st trip to 6 flags with kids (last activity of summer)

Soccer begins for Mackenzee and Parker.
School starts for all 3 kids! Mackenzee 2nd grade, Parker Pre-K and Eliza preschool
Parker splits his face (see previous post) and then a week later breaks his pinky toe!

Cute Quote: I told Eliza all my babies are big kids now and she said "Mommy I will be your baby!" Yes Eliza you will always be my baby :)


Traveled to Lake Arrowhead for Labor Day weekend (Eliza had her toe nail ripped off)
1st Soccer games!
The next week Aimee birthday party to DISNEYLAND with mom and sisters!!!
Cakeball craziness begins :) (120 one week and 160 a few weeks later)
New calling at church (teaching 7 turning 8 year olds)
Mackenzee starts reading better


I turned 30!
Parker learns to ride a bike without training wheels!
More cakes for others
Primary program at church (Parker's 1st, both him and Mackenzee did great!)
Parker 1st Fieldtrip
Mackenzee turned 7 and we had a Pink/ Black Paris Fashion Party
Halloween (not to big because it was on a Sunday) great Trunk or Treat though!
Mac Boards- we wont find out until Feb if he passed
8 cake projects in 1 week
Thanksgiving in KC (visiting with long time friends, seeing family, taking kids to Kaleidoscope, Hallmark Visitor Center, Crown Center, Penguin Park, Tangled and my brother play basketball, NCAA College Basketball experience)
Mac's Birthday

Cute Quotes: Eliza "smarshmellows" Parker randomly said "Mom you never should drink hot lava with water, right?"
Parker and his 8th grade buddy
4 Holiday parties at 3 schools
visit from Brit & Jake for a week
took the kids Skiing (yes I did a lesson too)
Princess Ball
Mac had to work both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve :(

All of this was in addition to being a room mom for 2 classes, babysitting, finding good deals, painting several rooms of the house, baking up a storm, Stampin' Up! adult classes and kids classes...

We are all doing great and looking forward to an exciting and packed 2011! Wishing you the best and a Happy New Year!