Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 2

Mackenzee and Mac started basketball on Saturday. They played 4 games 5 min each as a kick off to the season. Mackenzee made at least 2 baskets so that was a GREAT start to the season. Between the kids finishing their chores (best move ever on my part- I am a much nicer mommy) and those games that took up most of the Saturday.

Sunday was church, nothing much else. Although I have to say it is so nice to hang out as a family and relax. And Eliza is doing better going to her class. They now bribe her with Starburst. Funny thing is once she is in she love it. Parker has absolutely no problems going and love his teachers and class.

Normal school Mon- Thurs. Parker didn't have school Friday. We did skip out on all gymnastics and swimming for the week. It is so nice some times just to hang out at home :)

Tuesday Mac did finish fixing his basketball standard. This prompted a week of playing outside (thank you nice weather).

Friday I had my build a bear creative card class. I do this class every 2nd Friday for the kids ages 6+. We had so much fun! I really enjoy teaching classes.

After my classes were done my SIL- Jana came for the long weekend.... YEA!!!! We love getting visitors. Seriously if you are ever in the area please stop by.

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