Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parker's Party

Wow it is done!!! 17 kids (3 being my own- Eliza not pictured).

We survived and I think/ hope everyone who came had fun! Mac had the day off... I would not attempt this madness by myself :)

Parkers banner (yes I made it with my Big Shot!!!)
The table. The picture was framed by my dad. I made the party bags and the train is a Toy Story Lego set.

I made the tissue poms
Candy Jar

Table everything was 3-D so they got glasses too

The food

Here is a look at what we did...
Toy story Relay.
Two teams 1 was Buzz (we had his wings) and the other Woody (used his vest). They had to put on the item of clothing. Race two cars When their cars crossed a point they ran and to a bean bag shoot. Then back in line.

Then I borrowed BuckARoo.

We had the Rex stomp (balloons filled with tootsie rolls). They had to pretend to be Rex and stomp on them. HUGE HIT!

Bowling/ Zurg shooting
We set these figurines up bad guys on the bannister (used Parker's Zurg gun to shoot them down) and the others in the hall and they became the pins for bowling.

My friend has a "CLAW" machine so we put in the alien guys, candy and army men in


JZM said...

WOW! That looks like tons of work! You are quite the impressive party-thrower (notice I never post too many party pictures--ours are pretty pathetic)! I'm glad Mac got off to help you!

Alli Easley said...

How fun!!! I wanna make those goodie bags! Harper's birthday isn't til July but I'm already starting to dread the planning...

Alli Easley said...

Oh and you need to blog, girlfriend.

Love you.